Ends on December 15, 2018

Please submit a double-spaced manuscript in 12-point font limited to 7,500 words. We are seeking both traditional and experimental essays, including personal (nature, environmental, and travel essays), memoirs, lyric, meditative, and literary journalism. Good essays will feature an original voice that is rooted in engaging language and a multi-layered story. We agree with the essayist Robert Vivian, who notes, “Writing about what a person actually sees, feels, and experiences as a human being in this world is relevant, important, sometimes even revelatory as a way to make sense of oneself and others and that this is inherently worth doing.”

We do not publish local color writing (i.e. “Papaw was perfect” and “Mamaw was a saint”). Creative nonfiction is a serious genre and we want hard-hitting, innovative, moving prose. 

We are typically not interested in scholarly articles that are overburdened with footnotes, but welcome the occasional piece of literary criticism.